Connections is a video that floats and stumbles on cables.

They are cables that try to connect in directions that are not easy to understand.

A mute video with unidentified noise.

This video is similar to previous work on connections. (video link "Cables") that friends were giving me obsolete cables and with these a design / video was built. And some rolls of electrical tape were spent.
From this came a question: how could you produce a work without producing residue?

Reverse images
Cropping images

Editing the video with the intention of wandering through these links.

Items during collection:
Acquisition of images common to all but difficult to access.
Pollution of wastes that are difficult to get rid of and that are already so common that we do not give importance.
Between October 2016 and February 2017, images were collected of several façade connections in the city of Lisbon, Funchal, Venice and Burano.

Projection idea:
Dark room and light-wall projection to highlight the undefined limits of the video.
Projection should be made from the ground - to reverse the point of view.
The projection must be intended to pass on the viewer - That is why the
projection should be made at a certain distance from the projected wall.

Items after finalized:
Projection on the viewer.
Inversion of perception.
X-ray of an organic architecture.
Organic system of a body.
Connections that connect by closing a loop.



Original video:

duration: 2min, 43sec

In looping



without sound


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