Time Line - Interaction

I bought a book from Eloísa Cartonera Project at São Paulo Biennial. There is a kind of proof that I needed to show - it is possible to do things with low cost.

I gave a workshop about “how you make a sketchbook with low cost material” at Book Fair in Pipa - RN - Brazil - to teenager from public school.


I did the same workshop “how you make a sketchbook with low cost material” at Olaias Library School and I was invited to set up a Drawing Club that I am still working.

During my Residence in Tel Aviv, I was invited to participate in volunteer work with children refugees from Eritrea.

We worked with drawings and body expressions.


Workshop with Tetra Pak - Lisbon

At the Horanggasy Creative Studio Residency in South Korea, I did a proposal to give a workshop about ‘Impression collectors’ doing engraving techniques with low-cost materials.

Workshop Cargo Cult - Lisbon - engraving with packagings

Artist Book collective work

Workshop in Montemor-o-Novo - with Renata Bueno at Oficina da Criança - engravings with Tetra Pak

Artist Book collective work
workshop engraving with Tetra Pak

Lisbon - 2017 - MONA