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How to be available in a library

This project began in an artistic residency in Gwangju - South Korea. For 2 months I visited the ACC Library Park library and my desire was to explore the library. I had difficulties with the language and as the books were available on shelves, I created a grid, then invited people to choose a number, a letter and a star. This way I could find a book at random and so could the participant. There were just 8 days of invitations and responses and 32 books found. When I arrived in Lisbon I wanted to make a tapestry with this result.

In 2020, this first version of this tapestry was materialized, with 444 squares, each square with 49 dots and each dot with 8 holes. In other words, 21,756 stitches in total, 174,048 holes where Arraiolos wool was embroidered. It is an open work because the project can be renewed, and therefore the stitches have no knots, the squares are made independently to undo the squares and redo them at another opportunity.


Books found at ACC Library Park:


296x96 cm wool embroidered on juta canvas

ACC 라이브러리파크 탐험으로의 초대


저와 함께 ACC 라이브러리 파크를 탐험하시겠습니까?

저에게 라이브러리란 늘 사색과 작업을 함께 할 수 있는 공간이었습니다.

여기 광주에서는 ACC 라이브러리 파크에서 그렇게 하고 하는데

저와 함께 ACC 북 컬렉션의 일부를 탐험할 분들을 초대합니다.

저는 참여자분 들과 간단한 게임을 통해 이 라이브러리에서 책을 찾아볼 겁니다.

이 게임에 참여하시려면 아래의 표를 보고


1. 한 개의 숫자, 한 개의 문자, 그리고 한 개의 별(노랑별의 번호)을 선택하세요.

(예를 들면 30, B, 40)

2. 선택한 것을 으로 보내주시거나 이 페이지 맨 아래에 덧글로 달아주시면 됩니다.


참여해 주셔서 감사합니다! (is free)

An invitation to explore the ACC Library Park!

Would you like to explore the ACC Library Park with me?

To me libraries have always been places where I could think and work. Here in Gwangju, I have done that at ACC Library Park so I would like to invite people to explore part of the ACC book collection with me. I’m inviting people to play a simple game of chance so that we can discover books at this library together!


To take part please look at the table below and then


1. Pick a NUMBER, a LETTER and a STAR.

For example: 30, B, 40

2. Email your choice to: or if you prefer post your choice as a comment below.


Thank you for taking part! (is free)

tabela acc 13-01.jpg
Second phase of the tapestry
Following the exhibition at the Contextile Biennial (2022) in Guimarães, where the tapestry was presented, he renewed part of his design through interactions with the region's Municipal Library and visitors to the exhibition.
Third phase
After 3 days of workshop at the Belém Social Center around what could be a public space, these books were found at random in the Belém Library.
1 dia - ae_DSC5506.jpg
1 dia - ae_DSC5491.jpg

Artist’s book -  embroidery stitch study

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