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Process tests for the work “Lomba”.


“Lomba” (word in Portugal);

“Lombada” (translation into Brazil);

“Speed bump” (English translation)

The title refers to a device that slows down a moving object. The method of photographing a space and things that takes time to be revealed and double exposure makes the process even slower. A desire for a longer look makes time and dust settle. The grain of the image reveals that time may not be sharp and the overlap counts on time. The tabloid with large pages prevents a quick passage of pages and slows down a view and turns it into a look.

The photographs were recorded in the studio where the observation of the objects and the place accompanied the reading by anthropologist Tim Ingold. The "Life of Line" book was a guide to think about things that are already there and sometimes we need time to observe what we have already absorbed and find devices to extend this time.


Unique piece - composed of 6 elements.


Printed paper 180g


Piece dimensions: 24.5 x 24.5 cm



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